SRS Consulting Engineers Inc. is a leading provider of Green Building and LEED® support services. SRS has extensive experience across various building sectors in the areas of project evaluation, review, design and implementation for both new building and retrofit projects.

  • Sustainable Building Design
  • Green Building Certification Management
  • Sustainability Audit
  • Sustainability Education
  • Sustainable Development Project Management


Sustainable Buildings Design

  • New Construction and Development Sustainability Design
  • LEED® Compliant Design and Implementation
  • Toronto Green Standard Compliant Design and Implementation

LEED® Certification Management

  • Documentation Management
  • CIR Administration
  • LEED® Credits Negotiations

Sustainability Audits

  • Facility Walk-Through Surveys
  • Sustainable Operation and Maintenance Consulting
  • Corporate Sustainability Audit Plans

Sustainability Education

  • Sustainability Educational Materials
  • LEED® Compliant Educational Credits
  • Corporate Sustainability Education

LEED® Construction Documentation Management

  • LEED® Construction Submittal Documentation Management
  • LEED® Construction Master Specification Development
  • LEED® Construction Site Audits

Sustainable Buildings & Community Research & Study

  • Sustainable Developments Feasibility Studies
  • Sustainable Products and Technologies Feasibility Studies
  • LEED® Compliance Feasibility Studies

Sustainable Development Project Management

  • Project Management Services for New Building Projects & Existing Building Retrofits
  • Engineering and Construction Project Management
  • Green Project Management