SRS Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a professional practice with a focus on five core and interlinked areas of practice and expertise:





Intelligent Building

Education & Training

Our professionals are highly qualified in these areas of practice with specialized LEED®AP (Leadership in Energy & Environmental design), CEM (Certified Energy Manager) and IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) certification. We are experts in applying sophisticated energy modeling solutions/applications and integration to green building challenges and opportunities. We are very knowledgeable about and actively involved in numerous emerging green building, green energy and energy conservation technologies. We have practical hands-on experience with numerous energy conservation technologies as well as the emerging opportunities in green energy generation and utilization.

In particular, we are experts in applying energy modeling techniques developed for new Green and LEED® buildings to analysis and retrofitting of existing buildings. This gives us the ability to demonstrate conclusively how iteratively implementing energy upgrades work interactively.